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Projektiranje in avtomatizacija v industriji,
Stojan Ihanec s.p. 

Stojan Ihanec univ. dipl. inž. el.


Marnova ulica 22
1410 Zagorje ob Savi


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Steam condenser el. Power supply and control 

Electric project for the power supply, control and measurement system. Make and delivery of electric cubicles to power two fans of 90kW each, regulated by frequency converter, some pumps and valves. PLC programming (Simatic PLC).  

Renewal of grinding machine LEWI

Electric project, renewal of electrical installation, PLC programming and commissioning (Simatic S5 PLC). The machine works now at LEWI Schleiferei in Kapfenberg.

Wood pellets power plant EVJ

Electric project for the power supply, control and measurement system. PLC programming and commissioning (WAGO PLC). The power plant consist of gas generator which turn wood pellets into combustible gas, motor – generator, cooling water supply, heat exchanger and dryer for wood pellets. Now is installed 90 kW of electric power and 200 kW of thermal power, it will be 250 kW of electric and 1MW of thermal power when finished.

Renewal of fabric processing machine Inplet

Electric project, delivery of motors with brake and forced ventilation, frequency converters and renewal of the controls. The machine rewinds fabric from one drum to other, one motor retracted and works as motor and the other one unwinds and works as generator.

Replacement of DC drive with AC drive

Replacement of 60 kW DC motor and thyristor regulator with 55 kW AC motor and frequency regulator intended to power plastic extrusion machine at plastic foil and bags production. Delivery of the motor, electrical installation, settings and commissioning.